Forbidden Rewards

Illegal, heavily regulated or potentially dangerous rewards are forbidden.

  1. Any article that claims to diagnose, treat or prevent a disease or medical problem (whether through a device, an app, a book, a nutritional supplement or other means)
  2. Races, games of chance and lotteries
  3. Drinks and energy foods; in general any drink or food potentially harmful to human health
  4. Offensive material (eg hate speech, promotion of violence against others, etc..)
  5. Offer a genetically modified organism as a reward
  6. Live animals
  7. Alcohol
  8. Offer financial services, payment processing or credit; financial intermediaries or instruments equivalent to a monetary value; travel services (eg vacation packages); telephone services (eg prepaid telephone services, special rate numbers); and corporate marketing services
  9. Pornographic material
  10. Objects or services that promote discrimination, fanaticism or intolerance towards marginalized groups
  11. Drugs, nicotine, tobacco, vaporizers and related accessories
  12. Weapons, replicas of weapons and weapon accessories
f your production implies something illegal, heavily regulated or potentially dangerous for supporters, even if not included in this list, you will be suspended from the activity on TIXTER and reported to the Order's Forces.

If you have doubts about the legality of your proposal, CONTACT US.